Sustainable Development


Sustainable development

The Lagardère Group is a member of the association « Amis du Pacte Mondial en France »,

the body representing France in the National Networks of the United Nations Global Compact.
Sustainable development is a necessity for our planet, our landlords and our customers. It also represents a collective commitment from all our team.

Sustainable development policy, as significant part of Lagarder Group corporate identity, has important presence in LS Travel Retail Bulgaria every-day life.  Our company is constantly exchanging experience with the other subsidiaries of the group and is organizing every year traditional sustainability activities.

For us, social responsibility and environmental protection are significantly important for successful business development in favor of better society.

We have been implementing several projects for five years and will continue our efforts

  • being a responsible employer
  • promoting access to information and knowledge
  • promoting culture and sports
  • preserving natural recourses
  • promoting energy efficiency
  • improving environmental quality in Bulgaria

Here are some of our initiatives:

Green policy
Systematic move to paperless data storage, along with a responsibleprinting policy

Energy saving
Shutting off electronics at the end of the day

Community day
Every year LSTR team dedicates 1 working day for social responsibility or charity cause

Community Day 2011

Community Day 2012

Community Day 2013

The last few years LS Travel Retail Bulgaria supports the charity campaign of Vivacom Small change for abandoned babies.

More information about Sustainable development policies and social responsibility commitments of Lagardère group worldwide you could find on the group website: