AGILITY – the ability to keep up with the market developments and the spirit to drive performance higher. Agility is a great opportunity that we must prove through profitability

INNOVATION – Benefiting from our sister company’s experiences, best practices and developments are a luxury which must help us be more creative and innovative, bold and confident!

TEAM SPIRIT– a shared commitment to delivering the best results we can for our customers. Team Spirit must be our cement and must be at the heart of everything we do in the company

EXCELLENCE – in everything we do, daily we aim to deliver a best-in-class service. Excellence is recognized by our landlords, partners and customers.

BUSINESS ETHICS – built over 160 year unrivalled reputation for reability, trust and integrity, Lagardère delivers its promises to all the group. We want to be honest and responsible towards our people, our partners and our landlords

ENTHUSIASM – the inspiration to provide our customers with the best. Team will is our bound, the foundation of everything we do.

There are no “values” definitions, but there are proofs of “values”